Lockdown hasn’t been much fun but I’ve greatly enjoyed the emergence of our one-to-one coaching sessions.

Through the magic of Zoom, I’ve been coaching people all over the country – and I made it too Spain too.

One hugely successful development has been our new quick-but-ridiculously-effective  one-hour private sessions. And, lockdown or no lockdown, they are here to stay.

They work like this.

  1. Book your session – email judy@thesentenceworks.co.uk to arrange a time. We can do morning, afternoon, evening or lunch-time – whatever works for you.
  2. Send over some examples of your work – emails, reports etc – whatever it is you write in your job. If you know what you want to work on (e.g. structure) let me know too.
  3. I’ll analyse your writing in  detail and draw up an individual plan for you. If your weakness is being waffly, you have problems with grammar or you use too much jargon, I’ll spot it and show you how to deal with it.
  4. In the Zoom coaching session, we’ll discuss your writing and how you can improve. The tips will be easy to put into practice and will help you improve your writing instantly.
  5. Afterwards, I’ll send you the notes I made.

You may want a second session, or perhaps a follow-up in a few months’ time – but for many, a single hour is enough.

The fee for a one-hour session is £75.

It may be the most useful lunch hour you’ve ever had!