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Training & Coaching

Writing skills for work. For life.

Here’s something that might surprise you. It isn’t actually difficult to become a good writer. There are plenty of simple tips we can pass on to you that will improve your writing instantly and permanently.

Have you, for example, ever stopped to think about how many words there should be in a sentence? Do you have any idea what “shape” your email should be? Do you make common mistakes like writing “could of” instead of “could have”?

Our workshops and individual coaching focus on helping you develop a strong, clear, direct and unambiguous writing style. Ultimately, this will improve your company’s image – and save you and your clients time and money.

One-to-one coaching – power hour

Want to transform your writing in just ONE HOUR? Yes, you can.

Wherever you are in the world, we can offer you our hugely effective 60-minute coaching session on Zoom.

Before the session we’ll ask you to send us some examples of your writing which we’ll analyse in detail. If your copy is waffly, you have problems with grammar or you use too much jargon, we’ll identify the issue.

During your session, we’ll discuss your writing and how you can improve it. It really is that simple – and it really works. The tips will be easy to put into practice and will help you improve your writing instantly.

After the session, we’ll send you the notes we made on your copy.

Usually, one hour is all you need, but some people like to have a follow-up session to review progress or focus more on a particular weakness e.g. grammar.

To book your session, or to find out more, email Judy. We can do morning, afternoon, evening or lunch-time – whatever works for you.

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Be a Better Writer – inhouse training

Does your business need to train a number of staff?

We will design a session for your team which can be delivered on Zoom or face-to-face in your offices. The Sentence Works offers a variety of courses to suit your time, budget and needs. We can run a day-long workshop, a half day masterclass or an intensive two-hour session.

You can pick an “off the shelf” course (see below) have the entire session designed for you, or a mix of both.

For instance, we designed an email workshop for one client and a press release writing workshop for another, which we combined with general writing skills training. We’ve trained a large public organisation on how to respond to written complaints and a law firm on how to write blogs aimed at the public.

We also offer at optional hour at the end to work on your own documents, putting what you have learned into practice and getting instant, private feedback.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our tried and tested workshops

Be a better writer in two hours flat

This “highlights” course for the short-of-time focuses on the points that will improve your writing the quickest. We’ll look at how to craft succinct, uncomplicated, attention-grabbing sentences, plus how to avoid management-speak and write in simple, straightforward English. We’ll discuss how to use apostrophes correctly, and throw in some essential tips on how to improve your spelling. A fantastically useful 120 minutes!

  • We offer this as an individual or team session, either face-to-face or on Zoom.
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Be a better writer in a morning (or an afternoon)

This course is highly interactive and occasionally noisy (you’ll need to be quick on the buzzer). You’ll leave able to write easy-to-read, succinct, professional documents that catch your reader’s attention.

The workshop covers

  • Writing in crisp, punchy sentences
  • Using straightforward English
  • Clear, clean copy
  • Intros, endings and structure
  • Writing to length
  • Jargon, acronyms and management-speak busted
  • Tools and resources for writers
  • Grammar and punctuation: common mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • Spelling: hints and tips.

Although this course is designed for businesses, it can work well as a one-to-one too, and will include analysis of your writing. We have found it particularly suitable for people two or three years into their career who realise they need to improve their written communication skills.


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Online courses – do you want to learn at your own pace?

Want to improve your writing but pushed for time or can’t get to one of our workshops? Our online course is perfect for you.

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