Have content that's nearly there? We’ll sharpen and polish it

We love polishing words. Sometimes you know what you want to say but can’t express yourself quite as well as you’d like. That’s where we come in. Editing is about working with what’s already there, but making it shine a little more brightly. We’ll clean up your sentences, clear out the waffle and cut out the jargon. We’ll give your spelling and grammar the once-over and, if you’d like us to, shorten the text so you can’t see the join.


Do you have some documents or reports that just need to be made a little bit more beautiful? Is what you’ve written just too long and wordy? Have several people contributed and you need it to speak with a single “voice”?


Send it our way. We’ll hone it, sharpen it, and if necessary, cut it to length.


Contact us to tell us what you need.

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Online courses – do you want to learn at your own pace?

Want to improve your writing but pushed for time or can’t get to one of our workshops? Our online courses are perfect for you.

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