Every so often, I get asked one of these questions:

“Why does it matter if my writing is bad/my spelling is poor / my grammar is wrong? As long as people can understand what I mean, who cares?”

I think the middle hashtag in the tweet below from @HilaryHarwell sums it up beautifully.

When your child’s middle school sends an email entitled, “Your Invited!”. #facepalm #lowexpectations #grammarpolice.

Poor writing can, unfortunately, affect the way other people think about you. It can make you look sloppy and careless.  Any yes, it may lower the expectations of those interested in working with you. It could even put them off entirely.

Most people care about their professional image, and wouldn’t dream of turning up to an important meeting with unwashed hair and scruffy clothes.  Writing that is confusing, long-winded or full of errors is the equivalent of this.

Our courses will introduce you to good writing techniques, emphasising the importance of succinct, easy to read sentences. We cover the basics of grammar and spelling, helping you avoid those embarrassing mistakes.