Here are 10 signs that your love of grammar is taking over your life. Are any of them familiar?

1.     You find yourself correcting your friends and colleagues when they use “less” instead of “fewer”- and don’t apologise when you catch them rolling their eyes.

2.     You won’t buy a drink from coffee stall that says “tea’s £2, coffee’s £2.10” (because of the punctuation, not the price).

3.     Your texts are really long because they’re written in full, grammatically correct sentences – even the ones to your mum. They might even include semi-colons.

4.     If you’re eating out, you won’t have a pudding where the sauce “compliments the rich cake” – because the error will put your right off your meal.

5.     Your friends admit they’re nervous when they email you, in case you spot a mistake.

6.     You write to your local paper to point out they used a comma splice in their headline.

7.     When your child’s school report says they should “practice their spelling”, you fight the urge to write back suggesting the teacher should practise their grammar.

8.     You know the difference between i.e. and e.g. because you know the Latin phrases they come from.

9.     You refuse to buy a product online because the company’s website has mixed up “there” and “their”.

10. You take photos of incorrect grammar when you’re out and about and show them to your partner/ friends/ other grammar nerds.