One of the easiest ways to keep your copy fresh and readable is to ensure you don’t keep using the same word repeatedly. That can be easier said than done when you find yourself constantly writing on the same subject.

For instance, with my journalist hat on, I write “tried and tested” features for the Daily Mirror. It’s very easy to start every sentence with “This is” so I make a conscious effort to avoid that.

This week I ran a workshop for people who write descriptions of training courses. The words that they find themselves using all the time are “the aim” (of the course) and “the course covers”. We spent some time brainstorming different words and they now have a nice healthy list of alternatives that they can refer to.

If you find your copy getting repetitive, just stop and spend a few minutes thinking of what you could say instead. A Thesaurus can be really helpful with this too. Just being aware of how boring it is to read repetitive copy can make a big difference to your writing.