I feel in a tricky position at the moment. So any advice and wise words would be very helpful.

My son has just started Year 3 and has spelling homework for the first time.

The teacher printed out a note to parents explaining how they should do their homework.

“Each week we will be looking at a spelling rule in class…please practice the rule….they could also practice writing the word in sentences….children are expected to practice reading to an adult at least three times a week.”

Many people get confused about how to use practice and practise. The rule is that practise with an “s” is a verb. Practice with a “c” is a noun.

But the teacher got it wrong – three times.

Now, although I love grammar, I also love being polite. So I only go around correcting people in two circumstances:

1) They ask

2) They are my children. (And I’ll blog about that tomorrow).

I’m unsure whether to add a third category…people who teach spelling and grammar to the aforementioned children.

I don’t want to annoy the teacher and be the subject of staff room gossip. I have blogged before about the fact I feel sorry for teachers who didn’t learn grammar at school. However, I also think that it’s something she should check if she isn’t sure of it.

So what should I do? Should I write a quick, breezy note explaining the difference? Should I  correct it? Or let it go?

Maybe the best solution would be to wear one of these to parents’ evening?

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