I was on holiday in Dorset last week and while it was lovely to take a break, I couldn’t quite switch off. I drove the kids mad by pointing out punctuation and grammar mistakes whenever we were out and about.

One morning we visited Tyneham, a village evacuated in 1943 so the War Office could use the area for military training.

If you have been following this blog, you will know that it’s always means it is or it has, so the apostrophe on the first line is incorrect. I had to laugh when I saw another member of the Grammar Police had clearly taken such offence at this that they had attempted to cross it out. (I’m not advocating taking a pen to public information boards, I hasten to add, but he or she did have my sympathy).

However, the mystery pedant did leave one incorrect apostrophe untouched – there is no need to use one in  1980s. An apostrophe either shows possession or that something is missing and there is nothing missing in the 1980s (apart, perhaps from good fashion sense).