We’ve all got blind spots when it comes to spelling. If yours happens to be a word that you need to spell regularly, you can waste a lot of time checking it.

However there are a few tricks that that will help you get it right every time. Mnemonics are memory devices that help you remember things more easily.  Remember Richard of York gained battles in vain? That’s a mnemonic you and I learnt at school and I bet you’ve never got the colours of the rainbow wrong since.

The good news is that mnemonics work brilliantly for spelling. Can’t spell rhythm? Well you can now that you know

R hythm

H as

Y our

T wo

H ips

M oving.

A mnemonic doesn’t have to spell out the whole word – you can just concentrate on the tricky bit. If, like me, you’re a Brightonian, you might want to meet someone outside the Royal Pavilion. Or is it the Pavillion? Just tell yourself that it’s ONE L of a building!