Today’s Guardian has a story about the shortlist for this year’s Bad Grammar award, featuring howlers from the likes of the Army Career Office and the NHS.

Many of the common mistakes I highlight in my day course are there, with crimes including tautology, incorrect apostrophes and the use of “less” rather than “fewer”. (If only the culprit, Tesco, had read my blog which, aptly, mentioned “fewer peas and less mashed potato…..”).

Interestingly, the story mentions mistakes made by primary schools, where kids go to learn basic grammar and punctuation.

This really hit a nerve with me last week when my children’s primary school sent home a poster which they asked us to display in our window. I was more than happy to publicise “xx schools art exhibition”  – but only after I’d inserted an apostrophe!

For the full story about the Bad Grammar Awards, see I’m looking forward to finding out who the “winner” is on Thursday.