I ran a new course on Thursday for a PR company. The one-day workshop  was a blend of media training and writing skills.

We looked at examples of bad press releases, discussed how to pitch to journalists and debated whether you should put kisses on the ends of emails to complete strangers (the answer to that, incidentally, is no).

In the “what journalists hate” section, I mentioned how much journalists dislike corporate speak and jargon. We’re trained to cut through the waffle and get to the point, so meaningless terms can infuriate us.

So I enjoyed the piece in today’s Guardian called PR jargon: the 10 most overused terms.

The Guardian highlighted  words including leverage, groundbreaking, synergy, turnkey and buzzword.

To that list, I can add a few phrases of my own – “manage your expectations”, “going forward” and “feedback”. The latter is my personal bugbear. I hate it when I tell a PR I am not interested in something and they shoot back “thanks for your feedback” instead of “Oh well, thanks anyway”. 

Here’s the link to the full article – PRs, do you hold your hands up to any of these? If so, I know a workshop that will be just perfect for you….