Grammar.  Punctuation.  Writing exercises. Spelling.

The terms above might fill you with dread.  You may well know, deep down, that you could benefit from a writing course.  However, you could well be horrified by the idea of spending a whole day polishing your skills.

Let me reassure you: Sentence Works courses are hard work but they are also a lot of fun.

Thursday’s workshop had the brain cells whirring. But we also had plenty of laughter. We had high fives. We had our fast-becoming-famous buzzer rounds.

Of course I WOULD say a good time was had by all, but our delegates all agreed.

 “I really enjoyed the range of activities,” wrote one on her feedback form. “Good fun and engaging,” said a charity exec. “Really relaxed and friendly,” added another.

Every delegate gave us at least 9/10 for “enjoyment” and three awarded us a perfect 10. (We also scored several 10s for “usefulness” too, in case your boss is reading this.)

So don’t be intimidated. A one-day Sentence Works masterclass will improve your writing for life.  And you’ll have a rollicking good time while you’re doing it.